Five Best Bedside Lamps for Reading

If you’re like me, you probably find the best time to read is right before bed. A good, high quality bedside reading lamp can really help you enjoy that book, but there are a lot of options on the market. You’ll want to choose something that will provide an optimum light quality for your eyes, be simple and attractive in function and design, and of course last a long time so you don’t have to replace it.

There are a lot of features out there to bewilder you nowadays too. Often you’ll find devices that combine the features of several appliances, like radios and clocks that have built in bedside reading lamps in them. There are also different varieties of bulbs, from conventional to very high tech. As you can imagine, the price varies too depending on what comes with it. More at

I’m hoping with this article to provide you with reviews of five of my favorite bedside reading lights, giving a good rundown of the features, drawbacks and price point compared to the rest of the market. I’ll also talk briefly about a few things you might want to be careful of and watch out for as you’re shopping for this item. Let’s get started and look at some of the best bedside lamps for reading.
Things to Consider Regarding Bedside Reading Lights:

There are a few things you should be cognizant of as you search for a bedroom reading lamp that works for you. Here’s a list of things you might want to consider.

Light Power & Quality:
You’ll want to be sure that the bedroom reading light you choose has the right amount of wattage and light throwing power for your needs. If you share the bedroom with someone else, be mindful of how the light might affect their sleep. Also, be aware that if the light’s too bright, it could strain your eyes, and vice versa. The best bedroom lights for reading will have variable controls like dimming, or automated features.
What Kind of Bulb:
There are many types of bulbs available today. We’re experiencing a shift in the technological landscape, and so you have a lot of options. Of course, traditional incandescent bulbs are still around. They draw a lot of power and don’t have long lives, but their light quality is good and easy on the eyes. Fluorescent bulbs are popular for their low power requirements, but they can be a bit straining visually. The new player is the LED light, which has excellent light quality, extremely long life and low power draw. However, LEDs can be expensive. Consider what you need in your bedroom reading lamp and decide accordingly.
Extra Features:
There are some cool, multi-featured bedside table lamps available today. For example, many lights will be combined with clocks, radios and iPod stereo systems to reduce clutter. Also, you can find lights with built in timing settings, such as lamps that will wake you up gently by turning on at a predetermined time. These can be quite nice if you tend to oversleep.

Five Best Bedside Lamps for Reading

Five Best Bedside Lamps for Reading

Philips Wake-up Light, White

A variable wake up bedside lamp, with reading light features

The Phillips Wake-Up Light is a wonderful choice for a bedside table reading lamp for a lot of reasons. The primary feature of this light is to gradually wake you up in the morning in a gentle and natural fashion, by gradually brightening up the room. It’s a lot easier on your system than an alarm clock, and you can choose the light level. It also has soothing sounds, or a radio if you prefer that.

As a traditional bedroom reading lamp, it works really well too. It has variable brightness settings so you can decide exactly how much light you get. It has a digital display for your clock, radio and brightness settings, as well as a snooze button for the morning if you need a bit more sleep. It’s got a modern and attractive design that fits into any contemporary home design. And it’s popular, check out how many positive reviews it has.

Softech Natural Light LED | A multi-function lamp

A multi-featured LED reading lamp for the bedroom

The Softech Natural Light LED is a wonderful choice for a bedroom table reading light for a lot of reasons. It’s got one of the best light qualities out there, and the variable light modes change not only the brightness, but the light quality too.

The Bedtime mode is a very relaxing light that’s great for reading and sleeping. It features a 1-hour automatic timer that will shut it down after you doze off. Even if you leave it on all night, it has a minuscule power requirement and the bulb will last for around 40,000 hours, which works out to around 20 years of regular use! It’s also beautiful, foldable and perfect for the bedroom or the desk.

PRISM LED Bedside Reading Lamp | Anti-Glare

An affordable LED bedside table lamp that reduces visual glare

This Prism desk lamp is an example of an affordable but long lasting LED bedside reading light option. The light is a lot less expensive than other high end lamps with similar configurations. The touch controls are really simple to use, and it has three brightness levels that you can cycle through.

It can also fold up flat into a ‘nightlight’ mode that’s convenient if you prefer to sleep with a bit of background light. It uses hardly any power at all, and the LED bulb produces virtually no heat. What’s more, the light is rated to last for around 25 years, and it comes with an extensive warranty. The light quality is excellent, and they’ve taken steps to reduce glare and make it easy on your eyes. It’s one of the best reading lights for bedside use out there today.

Rechargeable LED Bedroom Reading Lamp

Foldable, light and portable bedside light that recharges

The Lighting EVER Portable LED Reading Light is a great idea for someone who needs portability. It’s a really great option for anyone who does a lot of travel, or just someone who doesn’t have the space or doesn’t like clutter.

It has 4 brightness levels, and can provide up to 1500 lux. It’s really adjustable and the head rotates 360 degrees, and it folds down into a compact size that’s easy to travel with. It comes with the rechargeable battery and it can be charged using a USB cable so if you have access to a computer, you’re good to go. More at

Versailles 2 Pack Reading Lamp Set

Simple, traditional bedside lamps for reading

The Versaille Reading Lamp set is a nice choice if you’re looking for a lamp for both sides of the bed. Each lamp is traditional and uses a candelabra style bulb, so you can use an incandescent or a fluorescent bulb if you can find the right style to fit.

It’s meant for a 40 watt bulb, which is just about perfect for reading before falling asleep. These lamps also feature touch controls, and the polished steel housing is modern and neutral enough to work in almost any decorating style.